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Content Shock: The Way Forward: Local Options: LIVELUVO

Hello friends,

Last week, we had an in-depth look at content shock, somewhat. (Check the post here: We now have a picture of where you should be headed as a freelancer on iwriter: in a nutshell, less of the international market, and more of the local.


Local Options

I mentioned local options as one of the exit strategies. Have you noticed how fast Kenyans can transfer technology by the way? (We all know of the largely publicized Uber drivers vs Taxi Drivers duel in Nairobi.)

Well, I will continue to give you information on this content shock thing that will make all of us writers ask ourselves the really hard questions. Coming back to local options, today I will focus on one local option: LIVELUVO



Maybe some of you have already heard or read somewhere about it. The reason I think this particular option is interesting is because it works on a principle that is almost similar to Uber. Just like Uber, LIVELUVO is a platform where the user meets the provider. (Does it make sense?) I’m already on to the overview. But let me take you back a bit.

liveluvo 1


LIVELUVO is a mobile app which is in essence a community. It is a community in that people interact and help each other out. At this point, let me compare LIVELUVO to a neighbourhood. Let’s say you live in Estate D. In Estate D, you know all your neighbours, or at least a few, thanks to our rushed Nairobian lifestyle. So you know Mr. X is a lawyer. You also know Mrs. G is a teacher. Mr. H is a doctor, and Ms. R is a kiosk owner in the estate.


How does it work?

How does LIVELUVO work? Remember, I just told you that it works like a community. Back to Estate D. Mrs. G, who is a teacher falls ill at night. Whom do you think will come to her rescue?

Back to our local option. LIVELUVO works like Estate D. Once you download the app and set up a profile, you join the LIVELUVO community. In this community, (Kenyans, real ones, not virtual ones) know each other by their profiles. Just like you know your neighbours in Estate D. Better still, LIVELUVO is a larger community that will cut across estates, towns, villages, name them. (Do you understand the flow?)

liveluvo 3

How does LIVELUVO benefit me as a writer?

Well, me, you, as writers definitely benefit from the LIVELUVO community in a number of ways:

Potential Clients

The platform comes with an opportunity for new clients (What we are looking for right now, right?)

So if a member has a website and wants content, whom will they turn to?


In Estate D, all those people can benefit from each other’s services. On the LIVELUVO platform, you may find other people who may offer you services, with regard to freelancing, for instance, withdrawal from PayPal services. We may also benefit from other services outside our line of work.

By the way, here we deal with Kenya Shillings. Does it get any better? LIVELUVO says, CONNECT. LEARN, .EARN. Need I say more? Especially the ‘earn’ part?

I guess it’s best we continue our interaction here:

PS: This was a featured post. LIVELUVO requested a feature from me. I have however striven to make it as personal and relevant to you , my audience, as I always have.


See you in the comments section.







2 comments on “Content Shock: The Way Forward: Local Options: LIVELUVO

  1. Liveluvo Kenya
    February 10, 2016

    Thank you very much for the feature! Your description for the community is spot-on!

    • Abby Nduta
      February 10, 2016

      Karibu…I hope writers like myself can benefit from the platform

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