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Dry January: Iwriter woes and content shock

Hello friends, Happy New Year. I know I owe you a post. It’s been quite a while. As you know, I strive to provide really valuable and personal content based on my experiences on Hope you accept my apologies?

Well, it is with great sadness that I create this post. I have met a number of people who would want to start writing on iwriter, which is a good thing, and a bad thing too. It is a good thing because it means that more and more people are open to the idea of freelancing. It is a bad thing because we are on the verge of a content storm.

I will talk about this content storm in a future post, at an in-depth level. Keep waiting. The reason I brought this here is because this content storm, I believe has to do with what is happening on iwriter, with regard to few articles. I do not mean to be a prophet of doom, but trust me, it will get worse. Like I said, I will talk about it in a future post. I will also talk about the need for an exit strategy. Will you keep reading? I will keep posting.



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