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Turn Around Time

Hello Friends, if you follow us on Facebook, you may have noted that we shared this infographic:

Turn Around Time

This is what we are going to reflect on today. As usual, I will be referring to

Well, over the last few weeks I had a few clients send me a lot of work that almost overwhelmed me. I had to meet a daily target that I had set with one of them. I found myself writing so fast and for most of the time during the day and even at night. I realized that I had begun to lag behind with some other clients’ work. Remember, all clients are important.

Turn Around Time

So I sat down and realized that if my clients had actually put out the articles on iwriter’s market, they would have it complete in a few hours. I therefore realized that I needed to improve on my turn around time. Otherwise, my clients would begin to feel like I didn’t treasure their work. I decided to do some outsourcing. I would earn much less, but my clients would be able to receive their clients in a shorter time.

Turn Around Time

The above decision came with its own challenges. First, I had to recruit a few people. Remember, my client already knows my style. I had to go through the outsourced work to not only edit, but to also add ‘my touch’ to the articles. Sometimes, I honestly had a lot of editing to do I wish I had done the work myself. However, I was able to deliver more articles in a day. My clients first.

Turn Around Time

Lessons learned
– Outsource
I learned that if you have too much on your plate, just outsource. There is no need to try and do it all. Did I mention that I used to really stretch and get tired?

– Communicate
I also learned that you need to constantly communicate with your clients. For instance, one of my clients had a problem with my formatting. This is because I was pasting articles from word to the iwriter platform. I had to ensure that I did not paste anything on the platform as I wrote. It was initially difficult, but I got used to it.

– Quality
Never compromise on quality. When you have a lot of work, it is easy to compromise on quality, as you rush through. I do not like it when writing becomes a rush. It is no longer something that you enjoy doing, but something that you have to do. The reason your clients chose you is because they liked your work. Don’t lose this.

– Patience
In line with constant communication with your clients, I have to come to learn that clients are more patient if you provide quality work. If you will need to be away from work for a day or so, just inform them. If you see that the deadline is approaching, and you will not beat it, just request for more time. Remember, quality should never be compromised.

Turn around time should always be at the back of your mind. Do not give your client an opportunity to look for someone else.

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Turn Around Time


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