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Block Clients

Well, I promised to be keeping you up to date on how to survive on iwriter. For the last one month, I have been working towards on goal: block clients.

clients are building blocks

clients are building blocks

Who is a Block Client?
This is a client who will hire you to create content for their site or blog.

How to Find Block Clients
To find block clients, I have begun to be very deliberate in this great site. I will go to the market just twice a day. I will go through available work and choose one that is easy to write, in that, I can get a high rating in it. I will then take time to write the article, paying attention to the specific instructions and my grammar. Most of the times, I get a 4.5 to 5 star rating. Immediately the client approves the article, it is time to pitch.


How to pitch
Well, it is very easy to pitch on iwriter. All you need to do is send them a message, in the private messaging box. Thank them for the approval, and tell that you are ready to offer even more quality work.

The results
For me, I have had a few tell me to visit their blog or website and send them the titles or types that I think I can write well. I definitely do it. It is just part of marketing. If they are really serious about what they are saying, they could begin to send you work.


The way forward
When they do send you work, strive to provide quality, every time. That way, you will keep them happy. Moreover, keep communicating with them. If the project has phases, keep asking for feedback for every phase.

I am aiming at block clients. It is no longer about how many articles I can write in a day, but rather, how many quality clients I can get.
What say you?
Say it in the comments.


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