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Hello readers,

I have been away for a while. Trying to find my way. So I have decided to start something else-transcription.

A friend told me about an opportunity and boom- I sent my resume. When they contacted me and asked me to do a test, it took me an entire 30 minutes just to finish 2 minutes of audio. I realized that I needed to sit and read more about it. So here I am, a student of transcription. I just learnt that my typing speed is 36 words per minute. This online world, and writing in general, requires patience and persistence.

I will be giving you more details on what’s next. For iwriter, I have just become lazy. I have been enjoying a number of special requests but the market just doesn’t psyche me up anymore. Still trying to motivate myself. Truth be told: every job has its boring part. Right now, I am hoping transcription will provide a safe haven from iwriter. But don’t you worry, as soon as I get my groove back, I’ll be back to have the bucks rolling in.

In the past, I have given a number of things for tips. Here is what I have read around:
– sometimes if you are a premium writer, you need to write simple standard articles to help your rating to shoot. I know the pay isn’t motivating, but it is worth a try. Just take it as a necessary evil.

For now, let me try transcription too…as always…say something in the comments…


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