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Get Links

Hello fellow writers in the journey. I had previously posted on links on iwriter. Well, I come back more educated. If you have read their blog post, they have broken down what all this links thing is all about.


In a nutshell, this was an idea born from identifying a need among their clients. They asked what most people used the articles they requested for, and they were told that they were used to get backlinks. So iwriter decided to make it easier for its clients. Instead of having to submit the same article to directories, you can now get backlinks directly from iwriter. The service is not open to new members, though. They are charging as follows depending on what level you are, and the number of websites that the links need to be developed:


It is important to note that the number of backlinks is controlled, which ensures that the normal rate of generating links is maintained. This way, your credibility with Google is maintained.

All in all, in my view, this is a noble service. Why not try it out?

iwriter 2


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