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MY OLX EXPERIENCE-Superb is an understatement

Well, if I say I am one of the most excited Kenyans, it is not an understatement. Thursday, 17th July 2014, began like any usual day. I woke up at 4.30 a.m. to write articles, my side hustle during my unpaid attachment. Disappointed, I logged out since there were no articles. I then remembered I had an old modem. I had talked to Safaricom and they had told me that I needed to get a faster modem, a model they called E303. I posted my add at around 5.oo a.m. Before I left for work, I received a call from one Khadija, who was interested in my modem. We agreed to meet in town in the afternoon. I sold it to her. At lunch time, I had seen another ad on olx on the kind of modem I was looking for. I also organized to meet the person in town. That day, I had virtually bought an almost new modem at 500 bob, since I only needed to add another 500. Needless to say, I keep receiving calls from interested clients. I am seriously looking for modems to meet this demand. a business idea, out of the blues, right?


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