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Whats Up? iwriter woes?

Let me tell you what’s up. I attempted a 2000-word premium article on Saturday. I wrote around 1880 and realized that I had 10 minutes to go. Adrenaline surge. I began typing at  super speed, trust me. I was not going to lose $24. Then out of the blues, came an error message: A virus. Long story short:  I lost it. If you are the one who took it…anyway that was a major loss. I am looking for a windows xp Antivirus that I can download for my pc…

More woes? Maybe. If you have a rating of less than 3.4, and your account is still operational…you are in the red…it will be closed, permanently… I talked to some shocked writers last week who had theirs closed…iwriter is “not going to remain as Permissive” (a paraphrase from a friend’s email)…

Remember to take your time before choosing an article…and  give it your best shot…

Well, friends…I will tell you for sure, if you don’t have enough time to write articles during the day, try and write in the wee hours of the morning… I don’t know whether it works for all time zones…but for EAT it does… this is true if the articles are on a low…re-schedule…and sleep during the day? Maybe…one more tip…

As usual…friends in the journey…let’s keep doing this…

Feel free to share your views, experiences, etc… other good sites…

Have a great writing time…




4 comments on “Whats Up? iwriter woes?

  1. kamaa
    January 12, 2015

    at what time on tuesday does iwriter pay in kenya,….. how long does it take for the money to get to ua hands if u have an active paypal account

    • kenyaiwriterforum
      January 16, 2015

      Hello Lewis,
      iwriter has 4 payment options: every Tuesday, every Wednesday, on the 5th and 25th of every month. You can change the payment days depending on when you need to withdraw. The payment leaves the iwriter account at exactly 8 a.m.- Kenyan time and reflects in your paypal account. It may take some time to reflect, though it eventually does reflect. Do you know how to withdraw from paypal? Feel free to ask any other questions.



  2. Maina Von
    November 12, 2015

    I found this post useful especially for up and coming online article writers. There’s an informative and interactive writers group on Facebook called Kenyans On iWriter. Check it out here…

    • Abby Nduta
      November 12, 2015

      Hello Maina. Thanks. Let me check it out. Thanks for stopping by

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