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Re-ignite the Writing Fire

A friend once told me, “I am waiting for the urge to write”. I really wondered what was wrong with him.  Now I do  know- he was probably demotivated, like I have been of late. I had began to worry about what was happening to my writing. I have loved writing, and it has been one of the  most fulfilling things in my life. So I set out to know how I can re-ignite the fire. Here are the points:


1. Change your environment

It could be as easy as changing the seat from where you write, the room, the office, etc.


2. Look for a random idea

Open a book, a magazine, or anything, see a word and start writing about it.


3. Try Brainstorming differently

Get a notebook, use specific sites, or better still, images on the keyword, rather than text


4. Don’t stay long without writing

Keep writing…


Well, let’s work on it…won’t we?






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