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I woke to something exciting today on my account- A blog with 5 notifications. I was too excited and my fingers have been itching to write about it. I am so grateful. You will never know how much I treasure blogs. They are the ones that give me the information I need. Congratulations I am overly proud to be associated with you.

Now I have it in my head- we do re-writes,  and kindle books. Of course I knew that. But how can I forget that when I have read it and can access it from my account? I also get to know of an API. I have probably never thought much about it. You can almost be sure that I so will take time to find out more.

As for the new requesters, I can’t wait for you to see the value that lies here, on this great forum. And of course, I can’t wait to get lost in the big world of information as I write your articles. Yipee!


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