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Simple Basics: Set the Limits on iWriter!

Hello reader, There is something quite interesting that I found out the other day. I had always been wondering why people get to pick articles that fast on iWriter. The … Continue reading

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How to add your VISA card to paypal

  One of the most frustrating things that can happen is earning some cool dollars from iwriter and then they get stuck in paypal. As a newbie, it took me … Continue reading

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What I have learned on my journey as a writer

Being a writer is a cool thing. If you are like me, you love words and love it when you create something so beautiful that it comes alive. But, over … Continue reading

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My Iwriter Journey: How you can also make it

Dear readers, After the longest silence, we make a come back, and a good one…we have penned an eBook to help you know how you can #earnmore with #onlinewriting, especially … Continue reading

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Super Satos

Have you ever woken up really early on a Sato, eager to finish your work early, by maybe 9 a.m?

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Content Shock: The Way Forward: Local Options: LIVELUVO

Hello friends, Last week, we had an in-depth look at content shock, somewhat. (Check the post here: We now have a picture of where you should be headed as … Continue reading

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A Comprehensive Overview of Content Shock

Well, readers, here we are as promised: a comprehensive article on content shock. Let’s go: Definition In simple terms, it is what happens when the amount of content available is … Continue reading

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Iwriter Basics: How to Register and Start Writing

Hello friends, I thought I could do a blog post on the basics of iwriter: An overview Iwriter is a platform where writers can make money via writing online. The … Continue reading

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